Case Studies

Melbourne Market Authority


The Melbourne Market Authority approached us to develop a solution to meet their increasing safety concerns involving the operation of a large number of forklifts in an area frequented by pedestrians.

Apart from recognizing the need to restrict forklift speed, due to the nature of the site and the influx of pedestrians during the trading period, it was clear that multiple maximum speed zones were required and these needed to be adjustable by operating period as well.

Two speed zones (indoor and Outdoor) and three operating periods (pre-trading, trading and post-trading) were identified.

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  • Speedshield GPS Zone Based Speed Control
  • Speedshield Reporting and Control


A single forklift trial has been successfully completed using Speedshield Zone Based Speed Control with zone definition based on GPS. Additionally using Speedshield web based Reporting and Control; MMA can adjust the maximum speeds based on the period.

It is MMA’s intention to have Speedshield installed on all forklifts operating on site subject to the satisfactory completion of the trial.