Case Studies

VISY Group


Visy had safety issues with forklift speed at a number of sites and required the ability to set the maximum speed in single or multiple zones, plus ensuring that drivers were using restraints and that only authorized drivers could operate specific vehicles.

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  • Speedshield Speed and Acceleration Control
  • Speedshield RFID Zone Based Speed Control
  • Speedshield Logic Based Driver Restraints and Driver Authorization
  • Speedshield Transmission Control


Different Visy sites have varying speed and acceleration control requirements and thus have implemented both

Speedshield RFID Zone Speed Control and single maximum speed control.

By combining Speedshield’s Driver Restraints technology with Driver Authorization using swipe cards, Visy ensured that forklifts were only operated by approved drivers and those drivers’ speeds can be controlled. Additionally drivers are forced by Speedshield to use the seatbelt in the correct and appropriate manner. Combinations of seat, seatbelt and handbrake interlocks are used to set alarms and power down with user configurable time periods for these should the operator not engage or disengage the interlocks in the correct order.

Visy have implemented Speedshield Transmission Control which protects the vehicle transmission from being forced into forward or reverse whilst traveling in the opposite direction.