3 Dimensional Visualisation

Speedshield’s 3D visualisation provide in-depth telemetry and asset location information. 3D visualisation provides a new way to view and manage assets beyond basic mapping and flat overlays. The technology allows for various scenario simulations to occur whilst also allowing for information integration from external sources.


3 Dimensional Visualisation

Rich Event Visualisation

  • Telemetry and asset location information integrated into a seamless view of operations, both macro and micro.
  • Window into real world operations beyond basic mapping and flat overlays.
  • Black box incident replay.

Scenario Simulation

  • Optimisation of equipment movements and workflows.
  • Congestion modelling.
  • Resource scheduling.
  • Live flight detail integration.


  • Disaster simulation.
  • Weather and visibility conditions.
  • Advanced training scenarios.
  • Process testing.