Energy Management Products

In today’s industrial equipment environment, efficiency, reliability and performance are key drivers in ensuring your tasks are completed on-time and on-budget. Battery electric equipment relies on their traction battery to be operating at its best in order to achieve this goal, and with Speedshield’s energy management products provide a Total Energy Solution (TES).


HF Heavy Duty Charger

Incorporating state-of-the-art high frequency technology, Speedshield HF Heavy Duty Charger uses less energy, is compact, lightweight and generates negligible heat during operation.

HF technology reduces energy requirements for charging, which cuts overall running costs for your fleet considerably.

Multiple charging options controlled by the on-board microprocessor ensure the best charge profile for your battery.

Easy, clear information on screen keeps you informed of the charge status at all times.

  • Heavy duty 7.5 kilowatt charger
  • Multi-voltage (12V-48V) multi-current (100AH-1000AH)
  • Automatic charging and turn off
  • Equalisation charge capabilities
  • High frequency energy-saving technology
  • Digital LCD display
  • Prolongs battery life


  • Voltage input: 415 VAC, 50/60 Hz 10A


  • Current output: up to 120A DC
  • Battery voltage: 24V/36V/48V
  • Battery capacity: up to 700Ah
  • Charging curve: constant current –constant voltage (CC-CV)
  • Charging regimes: 4 user selectable profiles for sealed and flooded applications (WA, WSA, IUIa Flooded, IUIa Gel)


  • Weight: approximately 22kg
  • Dimensions: 386.5mm (D) x 326.5mm (H) x 482.5mm (W)
  • Protection: input and output circuit breakers
  • Lightning: ANSI/IEEE C62.41
  • Ambient temperature: -5oC – 50oC


The intellicharger is an upgraded Speedshield HF Charger. It includes telemetry connectivity and battery device integration for a total power management solution.

  • State of the art High Frequency Technology
  • Incorporates advanced desulphation module that offers:
    • Extended battery life – maintains 80% of new battery capacity
    • Measureable reduction in power consumption
    • Multi voltage capabilities
  • Links to Hyster’s total management system
    • Interfaces with BattSmart Batter Communicator
    • Energy utilisation logging for power and carbon footprint analysis
    • Energy reporting through Speedshield telemetry devices: control charge return factor eliminating overcharging, saving energy and prolonging battery life


  • Voltage range: 415 VAC, 50/60 Hz 15A
  • Power factor: ≥0.97 at 100% load
  • Efficiency: ≥91% at 90% load


  • Current output:
    • At 24V/36V:90A
    • At 48V:150A
  • Battery voltage: 21 V/36 V/48V
  • Battery capacity: 1000AH +
  • Current 0-150 A adjustable
  • Charging curve: PEI IUIa
  • Charging regimes: opportunity charge, equalisation charge
  • Software features:
    • Full computer control capability ‘
    • Automatic battery voltage/capacity detection (through BDR)
    • Automatic charging and turn off
    • Auto maintenance detect and request
    • Telemetry reporting through Fleet Online equipped lift trucks


  • Weight: approx. 22kg
  • Dimensions: 386.5mm (D) x 326.5mm (H) x 482.5mm (W)
  • Protection:
    • Input and output circuit breakers
    • Microprocessor – controlled over – voltage, over – current, over temperature alarms & shutdown (BDR)
    • Lightning: ANSI/IEEE C62.41
    • Ambient temperature: -5oC – 50oC
    • Electrical compliance: Fully EMC compliant to CE, C-Tick, FCC Standards


Link Intellicharger to your fleet management structure to create the ultimate end to end traction energy monitoring and control system. Ensue batteries maintain optimum electrolyte levels, charge temperatures, voltage & cell impedance. Monitor charge cycles and duration and identify operational inefficiencies throughout the energy system. Know the true energy usage of your fleet via secure online reporting.

  • Low electrolyte alarm
    • No charge on low electrolyte
    • ForkTrack warning & report
  • High temperature
    • ForkTrack warning on battery high temperature
    • Reduce charge when battery temperature is high
  • Charge info
    • No. of charge cycles per x period
    • Amount of charge applied
  • Monitor individual battery utilisation
    • Overuse
    • Underutilisation of assets
  • Real energy consumption information for fleet
  • Impedance monitoring
  • Voltage monitoring

Battery Regenerator and Desulphator

Speedshield Desulphation Module; an advanced battery charger that removes sulphation from affected cells & evens-out voltage undulation, giving your battery a new lease on life.

  • Extends battery life by 50 – 70%
  • Restores lost battery capacity
  • Recovery of voltage in low and ultra-low voltage cells
  • Correcting overvoltage cells
  • Correct polarity in reverse polarity cells
  • Returning impedance to normal levels