Internet of Things (IoT)

The ever-increasing speeds with which we can access the Internet and the proliferation of mobile devices are allowing devices to become more connected and interact with each other in ways we’ve never seen before. With this ongoing trend towards ultimate connectivity a new phrase has been spreading through the business world ‘The Internet of Things (IoT)’.

IoT will enable devices to interact with each other without the need for human involvement whilst still producing timely accurate data.


Speedshield Technologies is at the forefront of IoT integration into business operations. Working with you and your business, we are able to provide an IoT solution tailored to your business needs and how it operates. We are able to extract key information from your devices, and store and analyse this data, leading to more informed business decisions that can result in increased efficiency, reduced costs and an overall boost to business performance.

Gathering Data Using Telemetry (Devices)

The first phase of IoT connectivity is the collection of data. Speedshield utilises a wide range of electronic sensors that are placed strategically to collect data for a specific event or action, examples include: impact detection sensors, handbrake interlock sensor and operator ID controls.

These sensors are able to collect and then report data through internet connectivity.

Online Reporting and Business Analytics devices

All data that is collected via installed sensors is then able to be reported to multiple devices through internet connectivity. Initially all sensor data is relayed through the installed Speedshield FM unit to the vehicle operator who can view all operating data and respond accordingly as required.

The internet connected FM device is also able to relay operating data to connected computer accounts, which enable management and others to view operational data without having to directly access the vehicle.

Storing Data

The final phase of IoT connectivity is the storage of all collected data. Storing the data via online servers enables instant access for any party no matter where their position, as long as they have an internet connected device they are able to access data stored on online servers.