Specialised Fleet Safety

A range of application specific safety features are offered as an enhancement of the core safety and fleet management products.


Lift Lockouts/Tilt Inhibit

  • Lockout lift and/or tilt functions at height and above load limit
  • Ensure only lifting with mast vertical when operating near lift limits

Lift Height Speed Lockout

  • Reduced maximum travel speed when tynes are above a predetermined level
  • Improve operator practices
  • Reduce site/infrastructure damage
  • Optional attachment position lockout: encourage correct use of attachments in transit , particularly rotators and twin pallet handlers

Overload Alarm and Lockout

  • Weight of load is determined through pressure transducer or load cell
  • If preset capacity is exceeded, the system will alarm via a buzzer and onscreen warning
  • If the alarm is ignored, the system can disable lift function and also disable drive function
  • An email detailing the even can then be sent to the management