Vehicle Integration Platform

Gone are the days of operators needing to have multiple devices and screens to monitor whilst conducting their daily work operations. Speedshield Technologies new Vehicle Integration Platform (VIP) offers operators never before seen flexibility and integration with new and existing devices and systems.

VIP System

Consolidated Screens

The current platform version is able to integrate Speedshield’s industry leading telemetry applications that can monitor specifications including: vehicle speed, load indicator and vehicle and operator safety features, along with terminal sessions and instant chat application from a singular device.

Developed with JavaScript the new platform emulation is able to be customised to integrate with any electronic device and software operating system.

Having all these applications and features on a singular screen removes unnecessary clutter and distraction from driver cabins, providing an overall safer working environment for operators.

Working with key partners

The first installation of the new platform is being completed by Speedshield Technologies in conjunction with Adaptalift Hyster and Pacific National, as part of the biggest big truck fleet management contract ever awarded in Australia. The contract involves the supply of Hyster materials handling vehicles including high capacity forklifts and ReachStackers.

As well as the supply of vehicles the three companies have jointly developed advances in telemetry container management, video analytics and safety, which will set the benchmark for the industry. This partnership and shared focus of safety and technology has driven advances in both capability and versatility, providing a safer, more ergonomic and ultimately a more productive environment for the operator and the business, jointly developing a multi-function, consolidated in-vehicle terminal, supporting advanced safety and recording systems.