Speedshield provides leading technology solutions across a range of industries


Our range of cutting edge telemetry products integrate seamlessly with O.E.M products.


Optimise equipment and drive efficiency with our sensor and tracker products.

Materials Handling

Improve the transport and protection of your products throughout the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution stages with our cameras, tracking and weighing system solutions.

Fleet Management

Keep track of your entire fleet with live dashboards, while having the ability to control individual driver activity that is customised to your business.


Reduce the chances of equipment collision with our impact sensors and intelligent speed control products.


Increase the overall quality and quantity of agricultural output with our tracking devices and IoT sensors.

Waste Management

Ensure driver compliance with safety procedures through our safety interlocking software.

Transport and Logistics

Real-time management over your entire fleet with alerts and notifications functionality available through our Fleet Online software.

Consumer & SME Markets

Benefit from our range of products catered towards consumers and SMEs.