Fleet Weigh set to revolutionise weight gauges on lift trucks

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Speedshield is pleased to announce the release of Fleet Weigh – an all in one digital Weight Gauge, Pre-Start Checklist, Card Access and Speed Alert module – designed to provide lift truck dealers with commonly requested safety features all in the one package.

Fleet Weigh supplies the lift truck industry with a no-nonsense approach to load weighing and routine safety, price competitive with any digital weight gauge on the market.

Built tough for the lift truck industry, Fleet Weigh is a rugged, fully immersible unit, (wash down friendly), with no easily broken plugs or wires.

Installation of Fleet Weigh is straight forward for a lift truck mechanic with basic electrical skills. It is installed without the use of laptops or other ‘breakables’. See the Fleet Weigh product page to download the full instruction manual.

Operator and maintenance friendly – Fleet Weigh is a straight forward retro-fit to most industrial moving plant.

Fleet Weigh removes the head ache of satisfying customers who demand various aftermarket extra’s. Featuring a High-Vis display, Fleet Weigh includes:

  • Digital Load Weight Readout with Overload Alert
  • Speed Readout with Over-speed Alert
  • Pre-Start Checklist
  • Operator ID Access Control
  • Seat Belt Interlock
  • Idle Timer (Turn off unmanned truck)
  • Imperial or Metric Readout
  • Inbuilt Buzzer
  • Optional 100 Volt (Battery Electric) tolerant electrics

The Load Weight Readout also includes:

  • Load Totalling
  • Ticket Printer Output

The Pre-Start Checklist includes:

  • Standard Work Safe questions or ask for your own customisations
  • Truck won’t start until questions answered (operator only asked once per shift)
  • Operator can elect to ‘Tag’ out the truck if unsafe to use
  • If operator tags out the truck, only a supervisor swipe card will allow it to start

Accessories include:

  • A-Pillar mounting brackets to suit most makes and models of truck
  • Basic wiring harnesses
  • A selection of Proximity Card Readers and Keypads
  • Hydraulic Pressure Sensors and Diff Speed Sensors

Lift truck suppliers looking to meet the needs of their customers should consider Fleet Weigh as a standard addition to any truck fleet.

Fleet Weigh is available off the shelf, with customer support a phone call away.