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The FM2 is a rugged user interface accessory providing a Speedshield telemetry system with a useful way to deliver information and capture equipment operator input within Speedshield’s advanced cloud fleet management solutions.

Primary applications include vehicle fitment within industries such as materials handling, mining, aircraft ground services and agriculture. Use of the VAM telemetry module and FM2 and companion products and technologies provides advanced fleet analytics, equipment access control, operator identification, and safety and incident reporting and alerting.

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FM2 Hardware Features

  • Daylight readable graphic display with backlight for night operation.
  • Powerful ARM7 32 bit processor
  • Rugged, sealed unit for industrial environments
  • Software controlled internal temperature control for use in freezer environments.
  • Independently tested to SAE J1455 heavy-duty truck equipment requirements.
  • Cable communications link with the VAM telemetry module

  • Multi directional keypad and large selection capacitive buttons all sealed for industrial use, to capture user input such as checklist responses and alert acknowledgements.
  • Multi-language capable.
  • On board dual protected EIA232 ports and a CAN bus interface for flexible connection.
  • On board buzzer
  • 1 protected switched 12V output
  • On board temperature sensing

Note – commercial arrangements and implementation specific details may preclude availability of some listed hardware features. This list is representative of hardware capability only.

Design Parameters

  • 12 Pin DTM, header connector, LCD, capacitive buttons
  • Dimensions: 101 mm (L) X 84 mm (W).
  • Non Volatile RAM Memory Storage
  • Full Communication with VAM device

Technical Features

  • Two external RS-232 ports
  • Two Wire CAN Bus Auxiliary port compliant to J1939, and CANOpen
  • One processor controlled 12V Digital Output
  • Multi-language display panel
  • Capacitive sensing multiwheel direction and buttons

Product Variants

Product Model Description
M-FM2A-GEN FM2 unit with Generic branding
M-FM2A-HYS FM2 with Hyster branding
M-FM2A-YAL FM2 with Yale branding

Electrical Characteristics

  • Input Voltage rating 5 VDC to 25 VDC
  • Designed to operate off VAM power supply
  • Operating Current Consumption (Average) 350 mA @ 12 VDC
  • Quiescent Current Consumption less than 15 mA @ 12 VDC
  • EMC Compliant – CE, CTick, FCC, UL
  • Environmental Parameters
  • Rated to IP 65 or better
  • Storage temperature: -40 °C to 75 °C
  • Operation temperature: -40 °C to 75 °C
  • Tested to SAEJ1455 standards for environmental performance – durability, temperature,
  • Shock and vibration

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