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Ranger Indoor/Outdoor Zone Sensor

The Speedshield Ranger Indoor/Outdoor Zone Sensor is an effective method of triggering speed limit changes or other indoor/outdoor zone behaviours. It works by simply and reliably measuring the distance from the top of the industrial vehicle (usual sensor mounting location) to the building roof/ceiling.

With a maximum roof height of 22m + vehicle height, and reliable detection of all ceiling types with tolerance of skylights, it is suitable for the majority of sites. Onboard signal processing ensures a clean, fast and reliable zone change trigger and the device has a relay output and CANbus interface to communicate the zone to SST’s telemetry platform and other speed control systems.

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Ranger Indoor/Outdoor Zone Sensor

Function and Operation

Operating Principle

The Ranger Indoor/Outdoor Zone Sensor works by utilising a reliable Time of Flight laser range measurement from the sensor, typically mounted on the overhead guard of the industrial vehicle to the roof/ceiling. When operating in an indoor environment a valid range measurement is obtained and processed by the onboard processor.

In an outdoor environment, no return laser signal is received by the Time of Flight subsystem, and the system can determine the vehicle is outdoors. The processor provides range information and indoor/outdoor indication via the CANbus interface and also provides a relay output to indicate indoor/outdoor status.

Relay Output

A relay output with common and normally open contacts is provided. Relay closure can be configured to indicate either indoor or outdoor zone presence, but the recommendation is to configure and treat the relay closure to indicate outdoor zoning which generally has a desired higher speed limit, and therefore tamper or failure of the module or damage to wiring looms will result in a default to indoor zoning which can be configured to have a lower speed limit.


The device provides raw range information and indoor/outdoor zone status information via the CANbus interface.


  • Power Supply: 6.7V to 36V absolute maximum
  • Average Power: 1.2W
  • Operating Range:
    • Indoor: 0.4 – 22m (reflectivity 90%) / 0.4 – 10m (reflectivity 10%)
    • Outdoor illumination intensity of 100Klux: 0.4 – 10m (reflectivity 30%)
  • Divergence angle: 2 degrees
  • Protection grade: IP65
  • CAN fault protection absolute maximum voltage range: ±80V DC
  • Relay current: 5A (maximum, recommend <2A)
  • Dimensions (excluding wiring harness): 127H x 71W x 31D (mm)

Environmental Parameters

  • Rated to IP 65
  • Storage temperature range: -40 °C to 85 °C
  • Operating temperature range: -10 °C to 60 °C

Mechanical Detail

Ranger    MD 1 Ranger    MD 2
Ranger    MD 3 Ranger    MD 4

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