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Weighing Systems - In Chain Load Cell

For the highest precision, Speedshield Technologies In Chain Load Cell Weighing System provides superior and repeatable accuracy. The in chain tension load cells are fitted to both lifting chains and measure the mass lifted at any level. No operator interaction is required to produce an accurate, consistent and repeatable results.

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Weighing Systems - In Chain Load Cell

Accurate weigh at any lift stage

The weight readout will remain accurate irrespective of load height.

OH&S Overload Alert Function

A warning is issued to the operator if they attempt to lift a load that is above the safe working load limit. Optional Force Neutral function available on overload event.

Operator interface includes:

Load Summing – ‘Add’ Feature with ‘Undo’ capability Displays current load and accumulated total on screen Docket Printer Capability


  • Tension Range: 5,000N to 20,000N
  • Supply Voltage: +10VDC to +30VDC
  • Output Signal: 0−40mV
  • Zero Offset: ±0.5% F·S
  • Environment Temperature: -20°C~70°C, ≤85%RH
  • Safe Overload Capacity: 150%
  • Maximum Overload Capacity: 200%

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