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Empowering customers to take control of their assets and operations through a variety of innovative software and analytics platforms

Fleet Online

Fleet Online combines advanced safety features with an unprecedented level of analytical insight and fleet efficiency.

  • The platform reduces fleet running costs via instant monitoring and control, fleet analytics dashboards, real-time web-based reporting and operator accountability & performance.
  • Fleet Online integrates seamlessly with the award winning Speedshield product range including: VAM, FM2, Zoned Speed Control, Variable Speed Limiting, Lift Height Monitoring and all our Energy Management hardware. view our devices here.

Speedshield are able to white label and customise the Fleet Online platform to suit your brand.

Fleet Online

Fleet Online at a glance

Take control of your assets and operations through our innovative software and analytics tools.

Fleet Online
Fleet Online
Fleet Online

Real-Time Dashboards

Gain access to relevant information and insights through customised dashboards.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive alerts in real-time for awareness or immediate action.

Advanced Analytics Platform

Boost performance by integrating and scaling your business through our advanced analytics platform.

Instant Notifications

Utilise instant notification messaging to inform drivers on key items or issues.

Performance Management

Enables easy monitoring and management of performance targets and outputs.

Deeper Insights

Gain in-depth insights by leveraging our powerful advanced analytics tools.

GPS Tracking

Monitor the location of your equipment at all times.

Operator Analysis

Gather insights into operator's activities to identify outputs and improvement areas.

Explore Questions

Investigate and quickly answer questions that drive business performance.

Features Overview

Standard Optional / Advanced
Intelligent Seat/Seatbelt Interlock
Operator ID Controls
Pre-Start Safety Checklist
Impact Detection
Impact Shutdown
Handbrake Interlock
Transmission Control
Digital Weight Indicator
Speed & Zone Control
Overload Lockout
Driver Interface
Clear 3" Backlit LCD Screen
Audible and Visual Feedback and Alerts
Seatbelt Reminder and Force Neutral Condition
Handbrake Reminder, Force Neutral and Emergency Shutdown
Impact Detection On-screen Notification
Digital Weight Gauge with Accumulation and Overload Functions
Travel Speed Display
Equipment Monitoring
Engine Vital Monitoring and Emergency Shutdown
Oil Pressure Monitoring
Engine Temperature Monitoring
Transmission Temperature Monitoring
Coolant Level Monitoring
Air Cleaner Monitoring
Hydraulic Fluid Level Monitoring
Online Reporting (will incur a monitor fee)
2G 3G Wi-fi Modem Technologies
Pre-Start Checklist History
Operator Management- Licensing Information
Dashboard Reporting Engine
Advanced Utilisation Reporting
Traction, Laden, Distance, Load Efficiency Data
Automatic Email Alerts - Instant Notification
Detailed Top 10 Comparison Charts - Fully Interactive
Birds Eye Interactive Impact Reporting
Fleet Activity (24/7 analysis)
Battery Management
Number of charge/discharge cycles: Dynamic lifespan estimations
Amp Hour charge and discharge performance
Charge Factor (efficiency analysis)
Over-temperature operations event reporting
Over-discharge operations event reporting
Low Electrolyte operations event reporting
Over-temp / over-discharge / low acid alerts, critical shutdowns
* Conditional on availability of sensors on the vehicle.

Standard Features

  • Seat/Seatbelt Intelligent Interlock

    Seat/Seatbelt Intelligent Interlock

    Intelligent Sequencing interlocking seat and seatbelt sensors ensure operators are wearing their seatbelts at all times. Attempts to bypass the system will alert management of tampering attempts and prevent the equipment from starting.

  • Operator ID Controls

    Operator ID Controls

    Swipe Card, PIN pad and Biometric are some of the many methods available to ensure only licensed and authorised operators are able to start and use the equipment. Also keep track of licence details, expiry dates, and refresher training requirements in real-time.

  • Pre-Start Safety Checklist

    Pre-Start Safety Checklist

    A paperless checklist system enables customised condition reports for all plant. Advanced after-start checklist features ensuring brake, steering and other critical functions are all checked prior to full operation. Automatic email notification of fault events, and customisable lock out/tag out features for faulty equipment. Checklists are always available for review and record keeping via the online reporting engine.

  • Impact Detection

    Impact Detection

    Advanced highly sensitive accelerometers allow ForkTrack to accurately report on any impact events the forklift incurs, with information immediately emailed to management indicating date/time, operator, impact severity, impact direction, speed prior to the impact and also if the impact has triggered a shutdown event.

  • Impact Shutdown

    Impact Shutdown

    In severe impact events, the ForkTrack system can tag out the vehicle (after a pre-set shutdown period) to ensure the vehicle is inspected before returning to operation. The vehicle can only be restarted by a supervisor or technician.

  • Handbrake Interlock

    Handbrake Interlock

    Ensures that the handbrake is always engaged when the operator leaves the vehicle. Automatically engages neutral, and can shut down the vehicle if it is left off and the operator dismounts.

  • Transmission Control

    Transmission Control

    Stops excessive tyre wear and driveline damage. Ensures the vehicle is travelling below 4kph for any shift change, and below 1200rpm when moving from neutral to in-gear to eliminate wheel spin on take-off.

  • Engine Vital Monitoring

    Engine Vital Monitoring

    Monitors and even shuts down equipment that is operating with critical coolant level, coolant temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature or transmission temperature conditions.

Advanced Features

  • Digital Weight Indicator

    Digital Weight Indicator

    Provides your operator with a real-time indication of the load weight, and allows accumulation of loads carried using the ADD function available on-screen. Integrated overload warning assists in keeping the vehicle operating in its safe zone.

  • Speed and Zone Control

    Speed & Zone Control

    Active speed control and passive speed warnings are both features available in the ForkTrack range of products. Active speed control can also be integrated with zone controls to vary speed restrictions across a site.

  • Lift/Tilt Lockout

    Lift/Tilt Lockout

    Controls mast movements in situations where the forklift is nearing rated capacity. Understanding capacity limitations and controlling these functions is the key to maintaining safe operations. Constant feedback from the ForkTrack module also keeps the operator informed of the stability conditions in real time.

  • Overload Lockout

    Overload Lockout

    In the event a forklift attempts to lift a load greater than the capacity of the vehicle, the system can actively lock out the lift function to prevent unsafe operations, and also engage neutral.

  • Automatic Email Alerts

    Automatic Email Alerts

    Email Alerts are generated for any events, and can be emailed to subscribed recipients immediately to allow proactive and instant response and follow up.

  • Battery Management System

    Battery Management System

    Advanced Battery + Charger technology merges seamlessly with ForkTrack to provide leading edge energy management solutions for battery electric fleet.

Online Reporting

  • Forklift


    Forklift equipped with ForkTrack Fleet Management and Safety System.

  • ForkTrack Module

    ForkTrack Module

    Compact multi-voltage fully sealed (IP67) module with backlit 3" LCD display and contactless controls. The ForkTrack module also comprises a modem, battery back-up, non-volatile memory and high performance microprocessor in one sleek design.

  • Wifi / 2G / 3G Communications

    Wifi / 2G / 3G Communications

    Multiple options are available for web connection for the ForkTrack module. The array of technology available ensures the best and most reliable communications in any application, from high density warehousing to remote locale.

  • Servers


    Dedicated high capacity secure servers store all information sent back from the ForkTrack units, allowing full reporting functionality for the life of the vehicle.

  • Online Reporting

    Online Reporting

    ForkTrack Online Reporting gives fleet managers powerful, real-time control and visibility over their entire industrial fleet. The unique system allows fleet managers, OH&S managers and supervisors to monitor, manage and analyse at company, division, site and vehicle levels. A specifically designed 'dashboard' handles the data analysis, providing clear, concise and interactive charts to enable first glance awareness of fleet performance, efficiency and safety.

There are three analytics reporting levels catered to your organisations needs.

These analytics reports provide valuable insights into the day-to-day operations of your business and equipment.

Fleet Online
Fleet Online
Fleet Online
Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fleet utilisation
Vehicle fault code and diagnostics
Operator access and benchmarking
Impact reporting
Safety interlock compliance
Hour meter readings
Distance travelled
Pre-operational checklist history
Speed compliance
Load and lift performance
Vehicle GPS location & trail
All accessory add on reporting
MS BI integration
Fleet energy usage
Battery charging history
Temperature, water levels, charge rates
Battery health
Level 1 reporting is included with VAM hardware.
Level 2 reporting requires the VAM and FM2 hardware combination.
Level 3 includes all reporting features with BDR.

Fleet Online Mobile App

With the Fleet Online mobile app you can:

  • Improve efficiency and help reduce costs.
  • Take the guesswork out of your work.
  • Use real-time telemetry data on all of your trucks to give you insight into your fleet’s day-to-day operations.
  • Enable your team to work smarter.

With our cloud-based services, you get 24/7 access to data, notifications, and reports from any device connected to the internet.

Mobile  App

At a glance

View a summary of critical issues and items at a glance.

Event summary

Checklist and impact violations in addition to equipment error codes summary is provided to promote issue resolution in a timely manner.

Equipment summary

Snap shot presented for easy equipment status monitoring.

Equipment utilisation

Equipment utilisation percentage is displayed to track usage and aid in improving fleet efficiency.

Mobile  App

Telemetry device integration

Telemetry data is captured through Speedshield’s intelligent tracking devices and displayed within the easy-to-use mobile app.

Equipment event list

Easily view all equipment events in a list format with the ability to filter by event type.

Event details

Gain additional details on events and equipment for further information.

Event records

Ability to record additional notes and pictures against equipment events.

Mobile  App

Service details

Provides details that will ensure your equipment is serviced or fully repaired within a timely manner.

Additional notes

Add additional notes and comments that are relevant to the service or repair of your equipment.

Equipment images

Ability to take pictures and have them added to a service booking.

Active service jobs list

Review all active service jobs currently lodged for fleet planning and maintenance monitoring.

Mobile  App

Step 1.

Records data from each unit in the field and automatically uploads it to cloud servers.

Step 2.

Delivers data from the cloud to any enabled device anywhere in the world.

Step 3.

Provides a user-friendly dashboard and portal with detailed metric reports, accessible from any enabled device.

Mobile application illustration

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Imagine being at peak operator compliance.
Fleet Online can help get you there with customised, automated checklists for every operator and every truck.

Our system digitizes your pre-shift checklist to guarantee operator compliance prior to use.

Our system digitizes your pre-shift checklist to guarantee operator compliance prior to use. Your trucks won't run until this checklist has been fully completed. Customize frequency requirements within each shift to complement the individual needs of your facility.

This helps eliminate the "pencil whip" effect we all know can happen within your application. No need to collect and file checklists - reporting tools make it simple and easy to pull checklist information pertaining to a specific day, truck or operator within minutes. No more paper, no more hassle.

Control Module

Control Module

Pre-shift checklist compliance guarantees your operators are fulfilling your company requirements.

Card Reader

Control who is accessing your equipment by requiring operators to swipe on before start up.

Field Servicing Solutions

Speedshield has developed a range of easy-to-use field servicing solutions for many industries which seamlessly integrate with your processes, procedures and equipment .

Our solutions can enhance the operational capability of your business, technicians and fleet.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist your business.

Field Servicing

Receive service jobs while in the field

Access customer information, including interactive maps and driving directions. See full equipment details.

Real time technician status updates

Real-time technician status updates while they are on the job, such as travelling to site, on site or if they are available for the next job.

Parts online

Access to Parts Online for immediate parts identification. Parts can be captured by wireless scanner for ease of information input.

Diagnose equipment

Diagnose equipment utilizing our software that connects directly into Equipment.

GPS location

GPS location allowing best-resource scheduling for optimised response times.

Service manual

Access to every service manual for every model.

Digital signature

Summary job card presented on screen to customer for digital signature capture.

Fleet online

Interacts with Fleet Online via our co-designed gateway, giving real-time connectivity and analytics.

Image updates

Allows for jobs to be updated with images of equipment.

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