AI Vision Assist System

Artificial Intelligence Pedestrian Detection System


We are a global leader in integrated IoT asset tracking, connectivity and management
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Innovative products designed and optimised to tackle real-world applications.


Cutting edge technology that brings real-time visibility, control and efficiency benefits to businesses, whilst reducing risk and costs.

Total Asset Management

A comprehensive range of industry-specific products and solutions, providing a holistic approach and a one-stop shop to asset management.

Speedshield Provides Safety Through Innovation

Speedshield offers next-generation technologies in safety, asset management, maintenance and operator welfare.

Our solutions provide unprecedented levels of business intelligence and performance that enable our clients to deliver a safe and cost-effective working environment.

The company’s expertise in telemetry hardware design and manufacturing coupled with product delivery through unique and dedicated platforms, enables total asset management and control on a global scale.

Speedshield operates at the forefront of innovation and technology, making us your advanced telemetry, safety and engineering technologies partner of choice.

Speedshield Provides Safety Through Innovation - ThinkSafe