Telemetry and Engineering Solutions

Speedshield is defined by cutting edge design and technology, with the pursuit of always being one step ahead of our competition. Pushing the boundaries is what we’re all about. The Speedshield mission is to supply industry and clients with telemetry and engineering solutions that provide economic, operational and environmental benefits to equipment users, dealers and manufacturers.


Customised to suit your application

Telemetry Solutions

Speedshield has developed a complete range of cutting edge telemetry products that integrate seamlessly with O.E.M products. In addition custom aftermarket telemetry products have been developed for clients that require specific application engineering for each project.

A web portal built for you

Speedshield’s industry leading web portal provides businesses with powerful, real-time control and visibility over their entire fleet of vehicles allowing everyone from fleet managers, OH&S managers and supervisors to monitor, manage and analyse data at all business levels.

Powerful tools for any industry

Speedshield’s telemetry devices and reporting can be implemented into any industry including aviation, mobile fleet equipment, mining, industrial and automotive.