Where innovation and customization meet

Utilize Speedshield Technologies technology for a flexible, tailored approach to solution development and innovation

We understand that each business is unique. As specialists in advanced telemetry solutions, Speedshield Technologies brings a proven track record of developing custom solutions that provide clear insights.

Our expert team partners with your business to understand its specific operational challenges. We then create bespoke solutions that integrate with your existing equipment and provide you with insights to maximize fleet performance.

White Label & Professional Services

We specialize in crafting branded solutions and offering consulting expertise to solve your unique business challenges

Our solution portfolio can be tailored to your business's unique requirements. Speedshield Technologies provides complete telemetry, Machine Vision, and IoT solutions customized to your brand that will transform your operations.

Our White-Label offering includes telemetry, machine vision, IoT devices, a white-labeled online portal suited to your brand, business intelligence analytics, and firmware updates (as required).

As your technology partner, we provide professional services, including high-level consulting, business analysis, software development, and firmware upgrades.

Vehicle and Container Profiling

Maximize productivity, enhance safety and efficiency, and differentiate yourself from competitors by leveraging industry-specific data and insights

Our vehicle and container profiling solutions provide a comprehensive view of productivity. Container vehicle logs provide insight into the full working metrics of the container handling fleet.

Custom telemetry solutions

White-label fleet management for industry leaders

Speedshield Technologies offers a customized telemetry solution suite to seamlessly integrate with standard industrial equipment.

Our white-label service equips businesses with solutions to optimize operations, enhance safety, and boost productivity.

We developed Yale Forklifts, 'Yale Vision' a wireless management solution to empower their customers with the ability to monitor utilization, impacts, and diagnostic issues, schedule and track preventative maintenance, and gain insights into total cost operations.

Similarly, Hyster Forklifts offer 'Hyster Tracker' which offers its customers customized fleet management solutions via a portal, providing insights and controls to improve operator behavior, manage equipment access, and monitor equipment and operator utilization.

Experience the future of fleet management with us - efficiency, safety, and innovation, all tailored exclusively for you!