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Velocity Asset Manager (VAM)

Velocity Asset Manager (VAM)

Optimize your fleet analytics and equipment access control with Velocity Asset Manager ('VAM'), a leading global industrial-grade IoT device and the ‘brain’ of a truly connected Industrial IoT environment.

It plays a central role in advanced fleet analytics, equipment access control, operator identification, safety incident reporting, and alerting.

Perfect for Materials Handling, Construction, Agriculture, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Waste Management, Fishing & Maritime, Logging & Forestry, Mining, and Transportation industries. 

Purchase VAM stand-alone or in a 'Kit' with wiring harness, brackets, screws, and plate mounts for easy installation.

Upgrade your VAM Kit with Operator Access devices for access control or go one step further and add our FM2 screen for pre-start checklists and visual insights for operators. 

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