A leader in developing fabricated plastic components, Iplex (Crane Group) chose Speedshield to help improve safety at its plant operations.


IPLEX needed to address some common workplace safety issues, such as the improper use of safety restraints and, more specifically, forklift speeds when tynes were raised. The company also wanted to reduce the time and money spent on vehicle repairs and maintenance.


IPLEX used Speedshield’s Speed and Acceleration System, the Logic Based Driver Restraints System, Transmission Control, and Lift Height Speed Control for an integrated safety solution.


Our integrated solution ensured that vehicles couldn’t exceed a speed limit within specific zones and ensured every driver used safety belts correctly.

Vehicle transmissions were prevented from going forward or reverse while traveling in the wrong direction, adding another layer of safety and reducing wear and tear. Speedshield’s solution also issued a warning when vehicles were operating with tynes raised.