Innovation is the cornerstone of our business

We thrive on tackling the big problems.

At Speedshield Technologies, we take R&D seriously. Our engineering team is laser-focused on crafting solutions that seamlessly integrate with operations to transform your business.

Our Innovations

Where advanced technology and inspiration converge.

At Speedshield Technologies, we have the in-house capability to take an idea from conception through to production. With full control over design, prototyping, testing, and manufacture, we ensure our solutions are well-designed, fit-for-purpose, and incredibly robust.

AI Vision Assist (AiVA) system

A smarter way to keep pedestrians safe.

The AiVA System is a network of weatherproof cameras designed for installation on heavy industry vehicles. A remote provides a bird’s eye view of the vehicle’s surroundings, alerting the operator if pedestrians come too close.

Using AI and machine vision, AiVA was developed to reduce collisions between pedestrians and industrial vehicles.

Key Features

  • Increases an operator’s situational awareness
  • Displays the location of pedestrians around the vehicle
  • Alerts the operator with lights and voice prompts
  • Detects pedestrians of all heights without the need for special clothing or devices
  • Improves visibility over blind spots
  • Option to include a speed limiting device that automatically slows the vehicle to a safe speed when pedestrians are too close
  • Automatically slows the vehicle to a safe speed when pedestrians are too close
  • Fully cloud-enabled capturing data and video of safety events

Digital Key

A new age of keyless authentication.

  • To address user experience and security challenges, we developed the Smartphone-enabled Digital Key, which streamlines operator authentication without compromising control.

    Key Features
  • Hands-free secure access
  • No swipe card required
  • Reduce log-in time without compromising security
  • Simple pairing process
  • Flexible disconnect options
  • Walk away auto-lock

FM Touch

A touch screen display for the most rugged environments.

Compact in size, the FM Touch displays real-time data and alerts for on-site workers. It can also improve safety and compliance by displaying reverse camera and operation checklists.

Key Features

  • Robust design
  • Sharp colour display and buzzer for operator alerts
  • Speed display and operator warning feature
  • Integration with active speed control system