To increase safety and reduce risk of injury, by ensuring seat belts are worn, by controlling authorized drivers only access to vehicles and by setting maximum speeds by zone within warehouses. Additionally to check vehicle conditions prior to start-up.


  • Speedshield Logic Based Driver Restraints and Driver Verification
  • Speedshield RFID Zoned Speed Control and Alarms
  • Speedshield Reporting and Control Module
  • Speedshield Vehicle Monitor with Prestart Checklist


Amcor has a major focus on safety in the workplace and thus is continuing to install Speedshield across many sites, to address forklift safety and vehicle care issues.

The following have been implemented in varying degrees across the sites thus far:

Speedshield Smart Card Driver verification was implemented due to problems with unauthorized personnel operating vehicles. The Speedshield system additionally integrates with the current payroll cards in use.

To enforce drivers to use the safety restraints provided in an appropriate manner e.g. seatbelts, the Speedshield Logic.

Based Driver Restraints capability has been installed which ensures the driver correctly starts the forklift by sitting on the vehicle, engaging the seatbelt and swiping his identification card/tag before starting. This capability also controls vehicle alarms and power down should the operator alight from the vehicle.

Speedshield zone based speed control has been implemented to provide differing maximum speeds, to ensure forklifts are traveling at safe and appropriate speeds in different areas, depending on varying levels of traffic and pedestrian activity. On some sites Speedshield is also triggering alarms to sound for vehicles traveling through doorways.

The Speedshield web based Reporting and Control module provides an easy to use central control of driver authorizations and vehicle access and setting of other Speedshield parameters.

Amcor have also fitted the Speedshield Vehicle Monitor Display unit for providing a customized pre start checklist as well as speed, weight and tilt displays.