Chiquita Mushrooms’ plant faced challenges related to speeding forklifts, the inappropriate use of safety restraints, and unauthorized vehicle access. Additionally, unsafe driving practices caused avoidable repairs and tire wear.

Our zone-based Speed & Acceleration Control system was implemented to provide up to 3 differing maximum speeds per site, ensuring forklifts were traveling at safe and appropriate speeds in various warehouse areas.


Forklifts at CHEP warehouses now travel at safe and appropriate speeds across different areas.

Other vehicles now limit their speed depending on whether the vehicle is traveling with the tyne raised. Speedshield Technologies' solution ensures forklifts automatically operate at the correct speed, depending on the situation.

Additionally, Speedshield Technologies Transmission Control protects the vehicle’s transmission from being forced into forward or reverse while traveling in the opposite direction, and the Logic Based Driver Restraints ensure safety restraints are always used correctly.