Dunlop Foams faced critical safety concerns related to forklift operations. They needed to address issues with forklift speed and driver restraint usage. Additionally, the company needed help with ongoing challenges related to forklift repairs and maintenance.


Dunlop Foams partnered with Speedshield Technologies to tackle these safety issues effectively and implemented several solutions. Our solutions were installed to regulate the maximum vehicle speed on-site, ensuring safer forklift operations.

The company also implemented Speedshield Technologies' Logic-Based Driver Restraint and Driver Authorization system, which combines seat, seatbelt, and handbrake interlocks to trigger alarms and automatically power down the vehicle if operators fail to engage or disengage the interlocks correctly. This system ensures that only authorized drivers can access designated vehicles and that seatbelts are used correctly.


Dunlop Foams implemented speed control, logic-based driver restraints, and transmission control to achieve safer forklift operations, reduced maintenance costs, and streamlined overall performance. Their system trigger alarms and cuts power to functions if interlocks aren't engaged or disengaged in the correct order. Additionally, vehicle transmissions are now blocked from being forced into forward or reverse when traveling in the opposite direction.