Specializing in refractory lining, slag, and scale build-up removal services, KT-Grant navigates the challenges of operating specialist equipment in some of the harshest environments known to man - extreme heat.


KT-Grant’s existing safety infrastructure needed to address the unique challenges posed by its specialized equipment and high-temperature operations. Creating a customized safety solution capable of withstanding the intense heat became paramount.

“The collaborative journey with Speedshield Technologies has been truly remarkable. The implementation of our tailored extreme heat-resistant AiVA safety system was nothing less than groundbreaking. AiVA has proved to be a resilient and trustworthy safety solution. The continuous development of state-of-the-art technology with Speedshield Technology instills confidence that AiVA will continue to play a pivotal role in KT-Grant’s ongoing commitment to safety initiatives in the years to come. Our employees can find reassurance knowing that KT-Grant prioritizes their safety and well-being through this custom-built safety system designed to safeguard their lives.”


Recognizing KT-Grant’s unique requirements, the team from Speedshield Technologies engineered a bespoke safety solution incorporating the existing AiVA Pedestrian Detection System driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced machine vision. A custom-designed 4-camera audio and visual alert system with aluminum housing and a sapphire crystal glass front was implemented. Moreover, 30-ft cables were specially wrapped in a fire sleeve made from silicon and fiberglass, ensuring resilience in the face of extreme temperatures. Speedshield Technologies is also pioneering an integrated system with a switch to reset button, ultimately transitioning to a wireless setup for heightened flexibility.


The integration of Speedshield Technologies' customized AiVA safety solution introduced an innovative layer of safety for KT-Grant in its challenging operational environment. Both pedestrians and operators, often up to 35 feet away or on nearby mezzanine levels, now benefit from AiVA’s speed-liming and deactivation features. This prevents severe accidents and has been crucial in winning back clients concerned about the inherent safety risks in such extreme conditions.


  • Significant reduction in near-miss incidents
  • Enhanced pedestrian and operator safety
  • Maintained uninterrupted workflows and minimized disruptions caused by severe accidents
  • Increased employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Enabled a focus on continuous improvement, creating a safer workplace
  • Reduced material and machine costs associated with accidents
  • Demonstrated KT-Grant's commitment to employee safety and well-being
  • Delivered savings on insurance and liability costs
  • Elevated KT-Grant's reputation as a business committed to safety and excellence