North Star BlueScope Steel in the US needed to address critical safety issues with forklift speeds on-site.


North Star was required to introduce maximum forklift speeds in different zones of its warehouse, indoors and outdoors. This included high-traffic pedestrian areas where workers were at risk of vehicle collisions.


To enable North Star to introduce different maximum forklift speeds in different zones, Speedshield Technologies GPS Zoned Speed Control and Alarms were installed to control a vehicle’s maximum speed by zones as mapped by GPS.


Speedshield Technologies solutions transformed safety compliance on-site, improving seatbelt usage, driver authorization, vehicle access and ensuring forklift safety procedures were followed.

In high pedestrian areas, alarms now sound whenever the forklift is in motion indoors and in some outdoor regions. In areas not usually allowing pedestrians, the alarm is restricted to sound only when vehicles are reversing, reducing the risk of collision.