Case Studies



Alcan had issues with controlling forklift speed in their plants with a key aspect to being the requirement for having different maximum speeds in different areas of the factory. Also Alcan wanted to ensure that all operators wore their seatbelts when they operated the forklifts. 2 Cable Engineering Plants at Roseburg, OR and Sedalia, MO 10+ forklifts.

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  • Speedshield RFID Zoned Speed Control
  • Logic Based Driver Seatbelt Interlocks


In May 2006 Alcan implemented Speedshield SSV Speed Control system on their first 2 units at their Roseburg plant.

Speedshield controlled travel speeds on their Hyster 5 tonne forklifts to an indoor maximum of 5mph and to 9mph outdoors, when doing the longer building to building runs.

This provided improved safety and still allowed vehicle movements to be at an efficient speed in the less congested areas. By installing the seatbelt with electronic sensors the vehicle could only be operated when the seatbelt is engaged.

After 3 months of service and trial, Alcan installed 3 more Speedshield units at Roseburg and as well Alcan in Sedalia Missouri put their first 3 Speedshield units in service. Alcan have placed orders for more units to be delivered during 2007.