Case Studies

Chiquita Mushrooms


Chiquita aimed to address the safety issues around mobile plant. The issues identified were speeding forklifts, inappropriate use of safety restraints and unauthorized access of vehicles.

Additionally unsafe driving practices were causing avoidable repairs and tire wear and Chiquita were keen to address these issues.

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  • Speedshield Speed and Acceleration Control
  • Speedshield Logic Based Driver Restraints and Driver Authorization
  • Speedshield Transmission Control


Chiquita decided to implement a number of the Speedshield capabilities which are all provided in a single unit installed on the vehicles.

Firstly a site maximum speed limit was set for all vehicles and this is controlled by the Speed and Acceleration control capability.

Secondly combining Speedshield’s Logic based Driver Restraints and Driver Authorization technology Chiquita have ensured forklifts are only operated by approved drivers who are forced by Speedshield to use the interlocks in the correct and appropriate manner.

Finally, Chiquita have implemented Speedshield Transmission Control which protects the vehicle transmission from being forced into forward or reverse whilst traveling in the opposite direction. This saves on transmission repairs and tire wear and also provides a safer environment.