Case Studies

Dana Australia


Dana had safety issues with forklift speed, and driver’s seatbelt usage on their mobile plant at their Melbourne operations.

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  • Speedshield Speed and Acceleration Control
  • Speedshield Logic Based Driver Restraints


In order to increase safety and reduce potential accidents the Speedshield Speed and Acceleration Control capability has been installed on a number of forklifts to ensure a maximum vehicle speed is set.

To ensure drivers are using the vehicle seatbelts correctly Dana has implemented Speedshield’s Logic Based Driver Restraint system. This capability provides for combinations of seat, seatbelt and handbrake interlocks to trigger alarms and power down the vehicle. These alarms and power down functions have user configurable time periods should the operator not engage or disengage the interlocks in the correct order.

Both these functions are contained in a single compact Speedshield unit.