Case Studies



Foster’s required change in safety practice to reduce risk of potential accidents to employees and equipment at 2 winery sites.

The methods proposed to achieve this were setting of a maximum speed limit on site and enforcing the use of driver restraints and additionally transmission control to protect the vehicle and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

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  • Speedshield Speed and Acceleration Control
  • Speedshield Logic Based Driver Restraints
  • Speedshield Transmission Control


To address the requirements of a single maximum site speed Speedshield has been installed and is controlling the vehicles to operate at a safe speed.

By combining speed control with the introduction of Logic Based Driver Restraints, safety procedures have been significantly improved.

Speedshield’s Driver Restraints technology ensures drivers use the seatbelt in the correct and appropriate manner.

Combinations of seat, seatbelt and handbrake interlocks are used to set alarms and power down with user configurable time periods for these should the operator not engage or disengage the interlocks in the correct order.

Fosters has implemented Speedshield Transmission Control which protects the vehicle transmission from being forced into forward or reverse whilst traveling in the opposite direction.