Case Studies

North Star BlueScope Steel – Delta, OH


North Star had safety issues with forklift speed both indoors and outside, and with drivers using safety restraints whilst operating vehicles. There was also a need to provide alarms in certain situations when vehicles are in high pedestrian areas.

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  • Speedshield GPS Zoned Speed Control and Alarms
  • Speedshield Logic Based Driver Restraints and Driver Authorization


North Star needed to introduce different maximum forklift speeds in different zones of the warehouse. Speedshield speed control has been installed to control vehicle’s maximum speed by zones as mapped by GPS.

Speedshield Logic based Driver Interlocks / restraints and driver authorization have been implemented to ensure correct usage of seatbelts at all times, forklift safety procedures are followed and vehicle access is restricted to authorized drivers only.

All forklifts have a set maximum travel speed of 7 MPH outdoors and 5 MPH indoors at the plant. For safety in high pedestrian areas, alarms will sound whenever the forklift is in motion indoors and in selected outdoor areas. In areas not usually allowing pedestrians, the alarm is restricted to sound only when vehicles are reversing.