Case Studies

Smorgon Steel


Ensure staff vehicle on site is actively speed limited to the site limit of 15 km/hr when on site, and ensure the vehicle is not driven off-site. Implement warning alarm if vehicle enters any dangerous part of the site e.g. crane operating area.

Actively speed limit industrial vehicles while providing improved safety measures for operators.

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  • Speedshield GPS Zoned Speed Control
  • Speedshield Reporting and Control Module


Ford Fairmont Utility

Speedshield is installed and the vehicle is limited to 15km/hr on site and if taken off-site or into dangerous areas the horn and flashing lights are activated to provide a visual and aural alarm warning.

Front End Loader and 16t Forklift

These vehicles are used to transport steel products from the manufacturing location to the distribution area.

The features installed are:

  • GPS Zoned Speed Control with speed limiting for two maximum speeds and
  • Driver restraint interlocks (seat, buckle and card interlocks) with alarms when not engaged or disengaged correctly.