Case Studies



  • To implement a safe traffic management strategy incorporating reduced vehicle speed in high pedestrian areas.
  • To actively control different maximum speed limits for different types of equipment in a number of defined areas of the DC.


  • RFID Zoned Speed Control
  • Speedshield Reporting and Control Module


The new Woolworths Regional Distribution Centre at Barnawatha required the highest level of safety measures whilst not affecting put away and picking efficiency. Woolworths recognised the need to centrally limit the speed of forklifts according to pedestrian volumes and increases in hazards with the activity growth at the site.

Speedshield was installed on the industrial equipment on site. RFID technology was used to establish the zones.

Woolworths implemented the Speedshield Reporting and Control Module to enable management, as required, to centrally change vehicle speed limits by zone, and where necessary to restrict individual forklifts from operating in specific zones entirely. This module also provides vehicle and operator usage and performance reports for