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Operator Authentication

Operator authentication brings about a host of benefits from operator ID to an inexpensive and flexible substitution to vehicle keys.

Equipment key management and replacement is an expensive, restrictive and timely exercise with little return. Bring your fleet management accessibility to the next level through our operator authentication technologies.

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Operator Authentication

Swipe Card Operator Authentication

Control who has access to a particular vehicle, and the level of access they have (technician or operator) using swipe cards. A valid swipe card must be used to start the vehicle.


  • Basic proximity card reader
  • HID card reader
  • Dual keypad / HID card reader
  • ‘ISO’ magnetic swipe card reader
  • Marine security identification card – HID iClass
  • Aviation security identification card – HID iClass
  • Motorola indala


  • Read Range: 16+ cm
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 9mm
  • Frequency: 125 kHz
  • Card Format: EM 4001 or compatible
  • Encoding: Manchester 64-bit, modulus 64
  • Power Requirement: 5 VDC @ 65mA nominal
  • Voltage Supply Range: +4.6V through +5.4V
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