Speedshield has developed a range of add on accessory products which seamlessly integrates into core Speedshield modules extending functionality and reporting parameters.


Operator Authentication

Access control with technician/operator levels

Control who has access to a particular truck, and the level of access they have (technician or operator) using swipe cards. A valid swipe card must be used to start the truck.


  • Basic proximity card reader
  • HID card reader
  • Dual keypad/HID card reader
  • ‘ISO’ magnetic swipe card reader
  • Marine security identification card – HID iClass
  • Aviation security identification card – HID iClass
  • Motorola Indala


  • Read range: 16+cm
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 9mm
  • Frequency: 125 kHz
  • Card format: EM 4001 or compatible
  • Encoding: Manchester 64-bit, modulus 64
  • Power requirement: 5 VDC @ 65mA nominal
  • Voltage supply range: +4.6V through +5.4V

Impact Sensor

  • Fully potted and destructive proof device
  • Dual/tri axis solid state accelerometer
  • Impact profiling – direction/magnitude
  • Collision speed
  • Anti-tamper/disconnect features
  • Remote configuration
  • Configurable impact thresholds
  • Dedicated microprocessor
  • High frequency sampling
  • On-board non-volatile memory
  • CANBus and RS232 connectivity


  • IP67 enclosure
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 9mm
  • Sensitivity: 1 > 35 G
  • Power requirement: 12 VDC @ 65mA nominal
  • Voltage supply range: +10.5V through +14.0 V
  • RS232/CANBus serial communication

Transmission Interlock

Reduces excessive tyre wear and driveline damage. Ensures the vehicle is travelling below 4kph when changing direction, and below 1200rpm when moving from neutral to in-gear to prevent wheel spin on take-off.

  • Soft shift
  • Force neutral
  • High speed shift inhibit
  • High RPM shift inhibit


  • Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 16mm
  • Contact current rating: 8A DC
  • Contact configuration: N.O
  • IP67 enclosure

In-vehicle Component Simulator

In-vehicle component simulators are all in one demonstration units housed in a robust and portable carry case. Speedshield’s in-vehicle component simulators are the perfect demonstration tool as it uses commercial components, with an array of input switches and dials to simulate vehicle operations.

  • Commercial modules and accessories
  • Switches for digital inputs to simulate activity such as seatbelt fastened or handbrake applied
  • Dials to simulate analogue input activity such as weigh sensor
  • Dials for frequency input to simulate vehicle speed and engine RPM
  • Powered by 12V DC power supply

RFID reader and tags

  • Senses current indoor position by zone
  • Can implement different speed limits per zone to allow intelligent traffic management plans or vehicle tracking
  • 134.2 kHz low frequency technology
  • Weatherproof and tough IP66 housing, fully potted
  • Fast reading, 20 cycles per second or 13.3 cycles per second for extreme range for fast moving vehicle applications
  • Handles multi tag collision
  • Power source universal 12V/24V/36V DC 10W with surge protection
  • Fully opto isolated communication lines
  • Low power consumption 0.7amp at 12V, 0.40amp at 24V

Vehicle integration accessories: Harness

Speedshield integrates FM1, FM2 and accessories into vehicles. Quality components and strict design and test parameters ensure a cohesive and integrated long lasting solution.

Designed to ATSM, ISO and SAE standards and best practices

  • Lab tested to SAE J1455 environmental practices for electronic equipment in heavy duty vehicles
  • Market leading Deutsch connectors for harsh environments
  • Total shielding solutions for abrasion proof and RF/EM protection
  • Wide range of cores, wire gauges, insulation to suit any application
  • Designed to the strictest standard for quality control and manufacturing